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About the $JOKE project

Our Mission is to help spread some laughter, love, and financial reward for our community.

We are here to help comedians mint their jokes onto the blockchain as NFTs, as well as run virtual comedy clubs in the Metaverse; opening up new global audiences previously untapped.

We will support comedians all across the globe and help in discovering emerging talent, build an NFT marketplace for original works, and grow one of the biggest YouTube channels in 12 months. This unique project and utility links revenue for YouTube, to growth in the token, to NFTs and virtual shows. This ecosystem of four parts truly sets aside the project from all of the crypto tunnel vision that is currently found in the marketplace.


  • Public launch 
  • Secure Oculus partnership 
  • Reveal party 
  • Free apartment in the Metaverse with each NFT minted 
  • Access to first comedy club
  • Build out of comedy clubs 2,3,4,5,6 and 7
  • Securing 1-2 A list comedians 
  • Streaming frequent shows in the Metaverse
  • Monetization of YouTube channel to benefit token
  • Launch of project at Tradeknology
  • NFT marketplace built and live for jokes and script
  • Purchase and develop land in new Metaverse space (underway)
  • Announcement of partnerships and roster of other comedians (TICK)
  • Further development of token utilities linked to Metaverse access
  • Merchandise release
  • Comedy awards and joke contest
  • Staking rewards announced
  • Integration of brands sponsorship into channel
  • Addition of farming functionally to YouTube contributors
  • 100x channel growth
  • 1 year of comedy shows scheduled

Laughing our way
to the metaverse

Our partnership with the Oculus Multiverse brings big benefits.

We’ve secured 3000 apartments in their Metaverse for the owners of our exclusive NFT drop. Those who were lucky enough to secure one of our Joking Jungle Cats will receive their very own apartment.

These buildings in the Infiniverse are already increasing in value and that’s before the mint!

Following the drop we will be developing the integration with the Infiniverse then running our ‘real estate land grab’. Those with NFTs will have FCFS access to grab their apartment.

We have it on good authority that these apartments themselves may well in the future turn into NFTs themselves, meaning our holders are getting a 2-for-1 amazing deal.

Stake your NFT

Staking your NFT couldn’t be easier and more rewarding. We’ve already had a successful token behind the scenes in the joke community NFT project for several months. In development currently is the ability to earn $JOKE token daily just by holding the NFT alongside your $JOKE tokens. Staking means you earn passive income in a truly unique project within the metaverse.

It is our objective to bring the staking to earn features for the Joking Jungle Cats during May 2022. Hold tight people!

The tokens you earn can be used to buy other tokens or enter the farms on our exchange partners where apr over 300% is currently available on – Example of this shown currently is that $1000 staked for 365 days and compounded daily would yield over $57,000 at the current rate!!! Looks like holding one of our NFT’s brings passive income and access to one of the most successful and proven farming and staking system in the whole of defi.

Staking adds a future income and opportunity to grow the value consistently of your NFT value. As a project, the community is key, and if you are looking to become fluent in staking and farming, please join our discord where many members are highly proficient and love helping others learn.

The Founders

Simon Young - CEO

Apparently now ‘quite well known’ according to some people. Simon has been fascinated with the Internet ever since it became the WWW in the early 1990s.

Being a qualified Accountant, he’s always had a data-driven approach to marketing with a focus on client satisfaction, campaign delivery, strategy and insight. Not many people can say they’ve spent their entire career working online.

During the last twenty five years, Simon has worked on some household name internet businesses and designed their systems, run and built large teams, been both agency and client-side (B2B and B2C) as well as having had his own £6M t/o eCommerce business.

Currently working hard with the team in developing the world-beating IDAR® system to help reduce time and cost for online media spends in a massive way.

He loves family time, cheese, good food, the outdoors, fishing, football, talkRADIO, music, golf, beer, good whisky and red wine… but not necessarily in that order.

Andy Price - CCO

Andy has been helping clients in the marketing industry for nearly 30 years, working on great strategy and creative. He started out as an Art Director with one the most respected agencies in the North. Andy is from an old school ad background; one where simple, great ideas deliver brand growth and results.

He’s worked on B2B and B2C, across channels such as TV, Press, OOH, Radio, DM and in the digital space. His key aim has always been to ensure all communications, regardless of channel, are on brand, delivered in the right way to the customer, in a creative, relevant and emotional way that drives greater long-term value for brands.

Clients worked on include Adidas, Peugeot, DFS, Cadbury, Interflora, Daimler Benz, M&S, Netto, NHS, Bupa, Coop, Airtours, Bensons for Beds, Jet2, Barclaycard and a fair few more.

Andy’s picked up plenty of awards for creativity but always with an eye on the results. A fan of Bill Bernbach. He loves the outdoors, skiing, food and a glass or two of red wine and values time over material things, especially with family and friends.

Between them, Simon & Andy run the UK’s leading YouTube agency ( and it has been a long held vision to create a truly collaborative channel on YouTube – some might say this could become ‘Comedy Decentral’.

Dave Arena - Comedian and Founder

Dave Arena brings over 15 years of experience as a stand-up comic and comedy writer. He has performed in top clubs across the US and has written 5 original pilot scripts.

He is also a crypto investor and digital marketing expert, with a ClickFunnels 2 comma club award to his credit.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, he moved to NYC 12 years ago to be in the comedy capital of the world, while his wife pursued her dream of being a makeup artist in TV and film. She has arguably had the more successful career with 8 years of experience at NBC including 5 years on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Dave ‘somewhat’ took care of their 3 daughters (hey, they’re still alive). He enjoys football (the American kind unlike his Brit partners), hockey, and poker.

He also shares CEO Simon Young’s love for cheese.

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